Coastal Collection


Our Coastal Collection is solid timber mantels that have natural gray and weathered tones with a unique time worn look and patina. These warm grays and light brown tones offer a natural look and touch to any room. These timber mantels are selected for character and wood grain by artisans in our studio. Then they are hand crafted into warm, unique mantels by hand sanding and finishing.

NOTE: If ordering more than one mantel please contact us for exact shipping costs. If you would like to discuss specific colors or tones feel free to contact us here.

Standard Sizes and Specifications:

72″ Length x 6″ Height x 8″ Depth

66″ Length x 6″ Height x 8″ Depth (most popular size)

60″ Length x 6″ Height x 8″ Depth

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Natural timbers may vary slightly in dimension and are subject to checking, a natural process whereby cracks can occur due to drying and moisture in the atmosphere. Natural timbers also reveal different grain patterns and color variations. These characteristics are considered part of the unique look making none exactly the same.