About The Burrus Company

Wade Burrus Timber Mantel Shop Owner

From my first hewn log cabin of poplar and white oak built on a family farm in 1980, I was obsessed with creating natural living environments from heavy timbers. Now, 36 years later, I have constructed many log homes, timber beams, mantels, and numerous other products.

Currently, I specialize in handcrafted rustic timber mantels made from a handpicked selection of cedar and reclaimed timber beams. My passion for wood crafting is evident in every product I deliver to my clients. Fine craftsmanship, attention to details, and quality wood timbers separate us from the other mantel providers in the market today.

If you are looking for that certain piece to add the perfect touch to your home, I know that you will not be disappointed in your selection of our products. Thank you for choosing The Burrus Campany to add a piece of natural elegance to your home.

A few facts about Wade Burrus:

  • Likes old barns and log cabins
  • Likes Hand-Crafted products made in the USA
  • Likes being in the woodshop
  • Likes designing new custom products
  • Likes dogs and the outdoors
  • Likes old hand tools
  • Likes mixing his own stain colors
  • Collector of stuff
  • Saves to many beam cutoffs
  • Dislikes paperwork and being indoors
  • What he likes the most is the smile on customers face when they see what we've built for them and the quality of our work!
Building Rustic Timber Mantels and custom wood projects

Looking For A Custom Project?

We can build anything from wooden spoons to
custom log cabins and everything in between!